Frequently Asked Questions

As a customer, what needs to know.

Is your company/local brands taken the quality pledge for SSL (Solid State Lighting) products?
Our pledge is a commitment to customer that our LED products perform as claimed & that we will support continuously improvement in LED products quality.

Whose LED do you use in your products?
We are using LM80 Certified LED chipin our products like OSRAM/Seoul/Philips etc..

What are the precautions do you take to ensure that the LED selected for your product will meet the performance requirement?
While searching LED we are compare data given in datasheet or in LM80 report even though we drive that LED on typical current. So that it will increase life of the LED and generate/dissipate moderate heat.
How you select driver (LED Driver)?
Depending on the load of the LED load, we derive output from the LED driver so that we can match the wattage of the lamp, driver efficacy, last but not least lumen efficacy.
Do your products have any certification?
Yes, we do have product certification like LM79, IP65, Surge test, ESD, wide input range etc.
Is it certified from NABL laboratory?
NABL is a National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories which is an autonomous society providing recognition of technical competence of a testing, calibration. Our all parameters are certified from NABL accredited laboratorieslike ERDA, Hyphix, IDMI etc.
What action take place in the factory to ensure your product will work properly when installed by the customer?
All product from Bitlite are manufactured in strict accordance to detail set of assembled instructions that included incoming component inspection/testing and multiple production live quality checks to help ensure that the final product is built to our exacting standards.